Published On: June 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 4

  1. Snowtail the Kajiit

    ‘How’d you do that?’

    That’s how I normally answer that question too! XD

  2. Yea update!

    Question number 2, what’s up with the ears?

    1. Wolf: “Oh well, your personal dreamscape happens to be a furry convention!”
      Ferrah: “GAAH! WAKE UP NOW! WAKE UP NOW!!!”

  3. I like Wolf! 😀

  4. And now she gets to pay for that “this place is perverted” comment xD

  5. I rather enjoyed her nekkidness.

  6. dude has a nice robe, i wonder if hes going to be her kinsmir training master?

  7. question i have to ask here

    is wolf actually here or is he just another part of ferrahs dreamscape?

    1. That’s a secret

      1. Oh great. That must mean Wolf is really Xelloss.

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