Published On: May 12, 2022

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 17

  1. oh god not holly man she can be such a pain in the tail that girl i don’t want to ask what her fox form looks like and god that costume she’s wearing is disturbing

  2. :O Is that Holly and ‘The Coyote Twins’?

  3. I smell vampire victim…

  4. I should draw fanart of Holly :3

  5. Ferrah: “It’s you.”
    Holly: “How are you gentlemen!!! All your base are…”
    Alice: “You really need to take a break from your 20th century cultures class…”

  6. Holly…. Man, this takes me back…
    I remember one of her lines from the old comic, “Eww…. Icky….”

    That’s all I am gonna say, I don’t want to spoil anything else. Was a long time reader of the old comic and am loving this one!

  7. hmm… i swear this lady knows how to be a complete bi***….. i wonder why she hasn’t learned her lesson from what happened last time she messed with Ferrah, looks like its going 2 be a bit of history repeating

    1. I’m not sure how since this is a total retelling of the story in Myst’s own voice. At this point, the original encounter hasn’t happened yet.

  8. it’s a testament to your writing that she was SUCH a bitch that i think i blocked her out

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