Published On: June 30, 2022

22 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 14

  1. So… a blood-knife? I assume that’s this guy’s power? Or is this something all vampires can do? I love the idea! ^__^

  2. wish we could get a side shot so we could get a real idea of how big Ferrah has become PLEASE!!!!!

    1. patience my friend

  3. Ambushed again, Alice? You’re…not really very impressive today, are you?

    1. In her defense, she’s had a long day. Has to run from some hoodlums, friend gets kidnapped and turned into a ravening monster… And on top of it all, she loses her necklace! See? Long day.

  4. Ferrah’s field of view must look like the VATS from Fallout 3 right now…

  5. judging by the size of that crater and that Ferrah is standing on what use to be an amphitheater ………it’s safe to say that is one BIG puppy

  6. Clearly that guy isn’t around for his ability to think, otherwise would know that newly awakened beings almost never have any control over themselves during the first awakening, also you do not mess with a wolf the size of human.

    1. She’s actually *much* larger than a Human… even more of a reason not to mess with her, though.

  7. Did Ferrah become a Werepyre???

    1. I love/hate that term… lol. But basically, yes. 😛

    2. I love/hate that term… lol

      1. Bah.. first the site didn’t post my comment, then it made me double-post. Disregard this 😛

    3. The correct term is Kinsmir.

      1. i love this therm better

      2. The *Shifters* term is “Kinsmir.” We don’t need people running around and thinking that’s an official name for a “Werepyre”, even though the name is much better.

        1. No, it’s correct term in general. It’s what Ferrah turned into. That, and all the things that need to happen for her to change into a Kinsmir.

        2. Well, I’m sorry that I have yet to play Vampire: The Masquerade, but the only case of this in any games I’ve played was in Adventurequest. All the pen/paper games I’ve played make either both lycans and vampires immune to all diseases (well, vamps are usually undead, so they don’t get diseases anyway), or they make one disease override the other. Honestly, the closest thing to Masquerade I can see me playing in the near future is Exalted. If you don’t understand why I say that’s close, fine; if you do, that’s great too.

    4. In Vampire they are called “Abominations”, D&D forums they got called Werepyres, Kinsmir is the Shifters specific term which has been adopted by a bunch of people because it sounds cooler than Werepyre. It isn’t ‘official’ in like.. the world, but in Shifters its the official term.

      1. I always called it a lycanpyre, like combining the two terms.
        Though Kinsmir is a cool name, in itself. “kin” usually in reference to it’s like or “pack”, of course a kinsmir having more than one…

        Ignore the nerd speak above…

      2. Soooo…. You’re telling me that this isn’t an original world?

        1. The world is original, although heavily influenced by Cyberpunk 2020 RPG, but the concept of a werewolf/vampire cross is not unique to Shifters.

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