Published On: May 12, 2022

25 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 32

  1. I really enjoyed coloring the explosion. And everything. beepbeep it’s getting interesting beepbeep

  2. Ker-PLOWIE…
    *waves a little F flag*

  3. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!

  4. You… don’t think the whole lunar laser explosion was overdoing it? Just a little?

    1. Not at all. It makes perfect sense in context with the world lore.

      1. let me check my understanding of shifters in this world the more powerful the spiretwake the more powerful the shifter.

        im gonna assume that kat was using most of hers to jump but even so comparing ferreas to kats 0.o.

        1. You’ve got it pretty bang on here.

  5. ha you posted a new page on my birthday that is awsome!

    1. ok other then wat i said earlier those guys did not see that coming at all, nice explosion it adds real nicely to the ” YOUR ASS IS GRASS ” idea for the vampires

  6. That’s actually quite a bit different from how her transformation happened the first comic.

    It’s actually fairly interesting watching her transformation with more focus on her this time around. One has to wonder what the significance of Ferrah’s focus on the moon before she had this huge explosion?

    1. The first one was sort of a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kinda dealie. This one is much more focused on her experience. And I’ll s’plain the moon thing, just give me time.

  7. I remember what happened in the original at this stage… I hope there is a repeat.

  8. munchy crunchy time for the vamps. Them being the crunchy’s.

  9. Is this supposed to be her spiritwake? Like Kat used to jump up to the fire escape a while back?

    1. Ding! We have a winner!

      1. More like a spirit explosion.

        1. hehe spirit bomb

  10. Karma and X are horribly screwed, plus what ever Guns or Knives they’ve brought along will be very much so useless

  11. well I gotta say, this is A LOT more dramatic than your original SHIFTERS

  12. And so Ferrah becomes ground zero for an orbital plasma cannon misfire…

    1. Pilot: Command this is Epsilon 1. I believe we just experience a catastrophic failure of the Prototype Plasma cannon.
      Command: Read you Epsilon 1, It appears you fired upon US soil. A Halloween party of all things.
      Pilot: Oh God!
      Command: There appears to be only one casualty, wait… she’s getting up?

      1. Pilot: “Confirmed, command, she’s getting up.”
        Command: “…damn, we spent how many billions and can’t take out one soft target? *sigh* Well we have to justify our budget somehow…Epsilon 1, let R&D have the plasma cannon, it’s their headache now, switch to MAC rounds and retarget.”
        Pilot: “Command, these coordinates are on US soil, over a populated area.”
        Command: “Site is a theater showing a Twilight film festival.”
        Pilot: “…Epsilon 1 aligning to target, charging MAC capacitors…”

        1. lol, but what if it was over chinese soil? Who would care? (apart from me, that is.)

  13. Loved this page. When is the next update?

    1. Normally it would be tomorrow, but Mysti had a migraine, so it will update on Thursday.

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