Published On: May 12, 2022

16 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 27

  1. And the excitement builds. c:

  2. Is Ferrah snapping out of the Hypnosis?

    1. Yes, but apparently the vampires had a backup plan and used transdermal marijuana to keep Ferrah sedated.

      You know, by the same token, they could have had Alice sooner just by using a catnip grenade.

  3. i got to say the red moon is drawn really well

    1. That’s probably because its a photoshop brush taken from open source nasa photos of the moon. 😛

  4. My bet is the first Vamp to go will be miss Miss McAnnoyinglyBitchy, calling Ferrah Lunchmeat really wasn’t the best Idea in the long run considering she’s the main character and their nearly nameless extras.

    So are they gonna go the same why the original Vamps did in the first version or will they attempt to fight back and when will Ben enter the scene? cause I think they need the help of Spirit Bear

  5. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes

  6. Have to say, really like this re-do… though I was getting into the old one. Kinda a shame but you’re doing alright I suppose.

    1. I think the difference between ShadowsMyst and other comic authors who say they’re doing a re-do is that she’s ACTUALLY doing it. Most often they say they will and then it dies… and for a while I feared that would happen to this one too. But here she is, updating weekly and even throwing in bonus donation pages. I remember her saying that we had just been “getting into the heart of the Shifters story” when she cut it off, and I wish we could have moved forward with it, but I’m really happy with the remake and am even more excited to see it surpass the old. <3

      1. Actually this redo puts us right into the middle of the plot. We are on the right track from the get go. Things will go MUCH faster into the plot than the old version. No waiting. I learned to tell a story. XD

  7. How come Karma doesn’t have the eyebrow piercing anymore?

    1. Because I’m a moron and forgot to draw it.

      1. You are not a moron. Honestly if anything you can just say it was burned off from the sun exposure.

    2. Oh, yeah, wow, that’s been gone for a while… Meh. He looks better without it imo <3

  8. everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect

  9. The Tron mummy is not impressed. 😀

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