Published On: June 30, 2022

19 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 17

  1. I think I need to draw Kat as a magical girl.

  2. so tranforming is now more magic like then the classic horrer films transformation where its creepy looking and seemingly painful

    1. In classic horror films most of the time the lycanthropic transformation is a curse of some kind, unnatural and horrific. Also, werecat mythos and werewolf mythos is pretty different. Werecats are almost always divinely mandated guardians of some kind as opposed to cursed unfortunates.
      However Shifters are not unnatural, and their power is divinely granted in general, so they do not suffer from pain when they shift at all. They aren’t limited to only specific times (full moon or what not), and they all possess a ‘spirit wake’ which each one can use to specific ends. The ‘magic aura’ you see here is Kat’s specific spiritwake, which she is using to kind of flip herself over to get control of her fall. Kat has displayed her spirit wake prior in the first chapter.But it was more directed to the ground.

  3. Is the red moon waning or waxing?

    1. Looks like the red is waxing over the white.

      1. *Though I could be wrong, because I just saw this page where the white’s on the other side:

        1. deepbluerenegade

          Maybe the red moon moves backwards?

    2. Neither, its an eclipse. Although I may have to tweek the moon for the printed version.

      1. You know, I thought it was an eclipse at first, but you had that Dark Star before, so I wasn’t sure.

        1. There’s actually a specific name for the event, but I don’t want to spoil it.

  4. Teehee… Cats always land on their feet! =^-^=

    1. But do werecats follow the same principles?

      1. I’d vote yes 🙂

  5. Alice: “By the power of CHEEZBURGERS!”

  6. Sending a kitty after a big dog is going to work out soo well. 😉

  7. So…slight memory failure – Does Alice shrink or grow slightly when she shifts to her half way form?

    1. She gets a little taller in her biped form mostly from her legs and feet becoming somewhat longer and becoming a bit more lithe in the torso.

  8. is the next page taking a long time or is it just me thinking this?

  9. I was just thinking the same thing…

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