-- Originally posted Jan 18th, 2013 -- Run little vampires! Run! It’s a little late, but at least its up. Still working at getting back into the groove here after all that holiday season. Might notice some tinkering going on around on the site over the next while. I’ve been kind of itching to do a redesign for a while, but I haven’t quite exactly figured out what I want to do.. yet. I know I want to clean things up, but at the same time I have ideas for other things I’d like to have up. Decisions, decisions. In other news, we’ve firmed up a bit more of our convention schedule for 2013! Che and I will be at the following conventions for sure: Vancoufur 2013 Dealer’s Room and Artshow March 1-3, Burnaby, BC www.vancoufur.ca Vancouver Comic Festival (VanCAF) May 25-26, Vancouver, BC www.vancaf.com Vcon 38 Artist Alley October 4-6, 2013, Vancouver, BC www.vcon.ca There’s a few others we are looking at/attempting for, and one that actually is down in the US, although that one would be just Che. We will announce them as we have confirmation that we’ve got space/are going.  Eventually we do hope to do conventions in other places than up here in Vancouver, but we’re still working out the costs of being able to travel and still make enough money to be worthwhile. The last thing I want to do is come back in debt. ? We are approaching the end of the chapter. Typically chapters are 30-32 pages, so we’re only about 4-6 pages from being done Chapter 3. We’re also getting close to 100 pages of Shifters Redux! I think its exciting, I know other people probably don’t find it quite as much of a milestone as I do. At the end of Chapter 3, we’re going to be collecting the pages, adding some bonus pages, adding exclusive print only bonus content and fixing everything up for the first Graphic Novel. I’m hoping for about 110 pages, possibly 120, depending on how much bonus stuff we come up with. Its exciting to finally see this stuff happening. Anyway, enjoy your page, and have a good Friday. Here’s the usual reminder that we are on facebookG+inkoutbreakTumblrTwitter, and even Livejournal if you are going oldschool for your comic updates. I also post updates on Deviantart and Furaffinity. If you want updates, subscribe to one of the above, I try to get them all when I update.. at least most of the time. :P Also, please tell your friends about Shifters if you like it! Re-tweet, re-share, re-blog! Word of mouth is the best way to show your love of the comic.
Published On: September 23, 2022

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 26

  1. I love Karma’s way of getting Ferrah’s attention.

  2. Is it just me or is the scale off in the first panel? I mean earlier on, one of Ferrah’s paws was roughly large enough to bodily crush a vampire whole…

    Karma: “meep meep!”
    X: “Wait…why is the pissed-off wolf opening a large wooden crate labeled ‘ACME?'”

    1. I think she just crushed his head on that page: http://shiftersonline.com/chapter-3-pg-20/

      But you’re right, she does seem a bit smaller in that view. I think it might just be the angles playing tricks on our eyes, though.

      1. She should actually be a bit bigger, now that I look at things

        1. Fortunately it can be adjusted. Hooray for layers.

  3. is it just me or does anyone else here secretly want them to get caught and possible eatin

    1. not just you 😛 Although I think that they might want to rethink that plan due to Ferrah’s ability to keep her eyes on them even though they are moving so fast.

  4. Oh look! Chew toys! 😀

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