Published On: June 30, 2022

11 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 7



  2. Cliffhanger!

    Is that a finger in the last panel?

    1. No, its ferrah grabbing her neck.

  3. I love this deal! Come on, Ferrah! Who doesn’t want a pair of NIFTY EARS! xD

  4. Seems like what’s happening in the real world is starting to catch up to her.

    If she’s lucky, the deal might save her life, her end of the pact will be things she agrees with and she might be a hero.

    If she’s unlucky, the deal might have bad consequences, she might be forced to do things she doesn’t want and she might be forced to be a villain.

    Not to mention a mix of bad luck and good luck. Way to foreshadow on the thing she might agree to and what is happening to her in the real world.

  5. I would’ve taken the ears.

  6. It took me a couple tries to realize you were talking about a Rorshach test.

    …I dunno, I made it out okay.

  7. She’d be obliged to go to furry cons!

  8. huh this reminds me of somthin I’ve seen, but I can’t put my finger on it. Also, what kind of champion are we talkin’ about? will she gain a weapon to weld?

  9. is wolf suppose to be a funny person ?

  10. I hate it when an awesome manga/comic either ends too soon (case-in-point, paranormal mystery squad), or I get caught up to the latest update RIGHT when things are getting awesome…

    In other news, I’d help spread word-of-mouth, but nobody takes my suggestions with more than a grain of salt… I’ve tried to convert too many people to count to the world of Gothic Metal (not that screamo, whiny crud; I mean beautiful, elegant, powerful stuff like Nightwish, Sirenia, and Lacuna Coil), to no avail.

    And Shooter, I think Wolf is the furry version of Sheogorath; an all-powerful being that is mostly concerned about doing stuff that makes him laugh, so he doesn’t do too much “god-like” stuff (i.e., if Loki from Norse myth got Odin’s power).

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