Published On: June 30, 2022

18 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 15

  1. Ah yes…the first change of a shifter. I think White Wolf showed it best in both the old and new system, where the instinct comes out fueled on a booster of shifting…a rush of power before the spirit can balance the whole…

    Although in some cases, it’s kicked off by a hazardous event, and the end result is neutralization of that hazard.

    Case in point…I ran a nWoD werewolf that happened on a rapist about to violate a young lady, he shouted out trying to break up the incident, without seeing the rapist had a pistol. Said rapist shot him…

    And was lifted bodily off his target by a nine foot killing machine, who then rounded on the rapist and used his own motorcyle to slam the rapist into a thin red smear. The would-be victim escaped. The doctor (my character) was rescued by a local pack.

    This situation is going to be much more messy, I think.

  2. beggin strips now available in vampire flavor

  3. did you know that if you cut off half of birds feathers blood will still flow, a scientist did an experiment on this with pigeons to test if it would effect how they fly, but he did it with hundreds of birds and when released them, it scared an entire village into it was the end of the world, cause to it looked to them as though it was raining blood, sadly all the birds died sorly afterworcause the broken feathers couldn’t heal. while that was probably a scary sight it was irrational fear, that monstrocity that stands before Kat and that vamp would be rational fear of being tore limb from limb in the most horrifyingly painful way, HeHe MESSY >:)

  4. Based on this morning’s sample, it would be a Twinkie… thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.

  5. Cue the mad scramble to get away.

    BTW, I seem to be having trouble with the whole joining the site dealio.

    I have a wordpress login, I can change my profile for the site, but it lists me as not a member.

    1. You should be registered. The ‘member’/’nonmember’ is for posting rights on the site. You are currently a subscriber to the site, which is the default level for everyone. When you go to the goodies section while logged in, you should be able to just download the wallpaper if that’s what you are trying to do.

      1. Hmmm, there aren’t any links under the Available Downloads header. Has it worked for other people?

        1. Yep, it has, but you’re looking in the wrong place. The available downloads area is for stuff you’ve already downloaded/purchased. Go into the Goodies and rewards section, scroll down to where you see the thumbnail and you should see a button beside the wallpapers that say ‘download’.

  6. “Um, nice doggy?”

    I’d mock him for his poor choice of last words, but honestly I think he’s doing pretty good by not soiling himself in fear.

    1. The way the last panel is done, who is to say that he hasn’t?

      1. so that means vampires have normal bodily functions in shifters? you’ve never mentioned that before as far as i remember

  7. WTF!?…I mean…that’s one big ass puppy!

  8. That is the absolute worst thing you can say to a wolf!

    “Dog” means “eternal puppy”. “Wolf” means “even if it’s bigger than me, it’s still food”. Don’t get them mixed up.

    1. you do realize that several species of dogs can completely decimate wolfs right

  9. Just had a thought (I don’t get many, so be happy for me…)
    Judging by her size as a wolf, can you imagine what her growl sounds like? Might register on the rickter scale…

  10. hay i just noticed this if you look at Ferrahs eyes you can see the left one looks at them while the right one is looking derp off to the side

    1. Dude, that’s eye shine XD

  11. *clears throat*

    “What, are you fighting that guy? You got that under control? You know, because, looks like there’s a lot of stuff on fire… “

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