Published On: May 12, 2022

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 14

  1. Hes a werebear, thats pretty awsome considering how rarely they are seen. What makes them so dangerous is their immense strength that out classes werewolves and that they at times keep a much clearer head than their other lycan cousins and have been known to have healing powers and help those who are suffering. Ofcourse I could be wrong about the powers and just have a extensive knowledge of herbal remedies from living out in the wild. I generaly like them as if you meet one it will generally ignore you and not bring you bodily harm as long as you do not give it a reason to.

  2. wow…after that you’d think he use the bathroom

  3. Ben: “We need to have a talk. And you had better be conversational, or you will be facing extreme swirlies.”

  4. I like to think that his last coherent thought was “AUGH NOT THE FACE!”

  5. FALCON PUNCH!!!!!! …………. or is bear punch? i need clarification -_-,

  6. not a very solid floor, it seems.

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