Published On: May 12, 2022

18 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 30

  1. Can I just say that I enjoyed coloring the blood far too much?

    1. It is very thick blood.

      1. Thicker than water, at any rate.

  2. …some reason, I imagined the “ethnic kiss” studio audience reaction at the bite……am I strange, strange little person?

  3. how could i forget this scene but oh boy after she gets bit the shit’s gonna hit the fan and there’s gonna be vampire pieces all over the place

    1. Bets on how manyy vamps are gonna hit the fan too?

      1. I dunno how many but I’m hoping that the bitchy vamp gets torn to shreds first.

        1. Aw c’mon man. X is awesomeeeeee

    1. Funny, I keep hearing this song during this part of the comic.

  4. Woot! I can’t wait for the next few pages…and on a side note, I was pretty jealous her got to do some groping. But then again, he is going to…well…die soon anyway lol.

  5. It’s funny because karma. :p

  6. Oh god, I can hardly wait……

  7. Alice: “You monster! She’s going to turn into a stuttering, pausing, bland emo character…that sparkles!”

    1. Bwahahahaha! You win.

  8. …you know i just realized the last time this happened i was in college and had just discovered webcomics that was so long ago the only webcomic group was Keenspot/space


  10. o0…:angry:…*&^*^( &6^ JERK! She WAS ‘FOLDING’…”FOLDING”, couldn’t wait two *&^9 minutes?!

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