Published On: June 30, 2022

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 8

  1. Ferrah vs. John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

  2. thats the longest dream you had under the shortest time mine was about a month for one night

  3. What an exciting surprise! I completely forgot it was Wednesday.

    I am really excited about a print copy too. Yea!

  4. is he a kitsune or wolf?

    1. *counts tails*
      *rereads two pages ago*
      I’ll go with yes.

    2. The multi-tail thing isn’t exclusive to Kitsune, it was just made famous to them. For example, in Princess Mononoke, the Wolf God named Moro had two tails.

      1. o that makes sense

    3. most cultures, especially in eastern culture, believe that an animal’s tail splits for every 100 years it lives.

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