Published On: May 12, 2022

33 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 33

  1. bwahaha you’re such a tease, Myst

  2. Thaaaaaaat’s not a vampire.

  3. Epic! Kat couldn’t have said it better. XD

  4. is she at a distance still? if so it looks like she is smaller then what she actually is, or is she just in full wolf form cause that also seems a possibility?

    1. Kat’s a pretty good distance away and Ferrah’s in her full-wolf form, which is *huge* (or at least it used to be huge- not sure about the remake). Kat was held back before Ferrah shifted, plus the distance she was thrown by the spirit wake, but the “camera” is in her view, so I guess it makes Ferrah seem smaller if you don’t account for all that.

      1. its still huge, and yes, she’s a distance away. She got tossed like everyone else, and there’s a big crater between her and ferrah.

        Things look smaller in the distance. 😛 There’s nothing really left standing to show how huge ferrah really is in comparison.

        1. Annnnd just like that I’m lookong forward to the next few pages. Glad you’re showing the Shifters some love in the power department in the redux. 🙂

        2. Dangit. That reply was supposed to go below, in response to Kat about to have a bad kinsmir experience. I have to post from my phone since the proxy settings on the comments don’t like me posting from work. 🙁

  5. Have the vamps been blown far away?

    Is Kat going to have a bad kinsmir experience?

    1. Reasonable distance, and yes-ish. Kat’s a little more badass this time around than she used to be and Ferrah’s still ‘waking up’.. That will come in handy.

      1. I am excited about what is going on, so I hope I am not being too nosy about your plot points.

        Mostly I want to know what the dealio is with the green eyes.

        1. Green eyes? You mean from like.. the old shifters?

        2. I am curious about the green eyes. What do they mean?

  6. And now Kat has to figure out how to not look something to chase

  7. Oh dear. This looks like a lot of trouble. And how is it going to explained come morning. lol

    Also Farrah looks more bad ass in the remake. ^_^

  8. This…is…just…pure…awesome.

    “Hey SM, will I ever get control of my Kinsmir powers?”
    “Holy shit. I am so screwed.”

  9. Elsewhere in the city some guy is probably freaking out cause all that rumbling caused him to spill his oh so precious coffee

  10. I’ll just leave a link to some ambient music to tide us over the next couple weeks. :B

  11. Is it bad that i kinda hope Karma’s not going to get eaten?

    And Ferrah’s wolf form is awesome!

  12. And thus the thirteenth Kinsmir was awakened

    …least i THINK Farrah is the thirteenth, it’s been a few years

    1. Sixteenth actually.

      1. I can’t believe he forgot about me.
        I think I should eat him.
        Can I eat him boss?

        1. Cue the Princess Mononoke theme…

  13. In the immortel words of Betty White: oh…BALLS!

  14. i wonder if there is any dragon kinsmir or is that just too epic?

    1. Too epic. It would exceed the Norris Limit and lead to universal collapse.

  15. P.S. I just lost the game.


  16. Yeeeeeeeees 😀 I’ve been waiting since the very beginning of the remake for this moment.

    1. So have many of us :B

  17. Kat better hope that Ferrah’s mind hasn’t gone full canine on her, or else there ain’t gonna be a tree big enough for her to climb

  18. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that doesn’t look good.

  19. *[url=]plays this[/url]*

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