Published On: June 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 23

  1. Karma: “Well I’ve got bubble gum, but I guess we’re all out of ass.”

  2. well ive got comments, but we’ve run out of good jokes :p

  3. Hehe… Ben’s kinda a badass and I like it. :3

  4. Why does this remind me of Evil Dead “You’ve got nothing but Jack S(bleep), and Jack just left town.

  5. What is Ferrah doing in the mean time?

    Is there a limit to how much magic Ben can do? Since he called butterfly, he can’t call any others?

    I am just full of questions.

    1. I have a feeling Ben just wants to see how tough Ferrah really is after all Kat made that comment about Ferrah’s and Ben being about the same size in full animal form. i think i might have to go back a few pages.

    2. It would be spoilers to say exactly what Ben’s magic powers are this time around. I’m also kind of developing the characters a bit more slowly. The Ben-and-his-magic question is one better asked in the forums so I can hide the answer for those who don’t want spoilers. As for Ferrah, you’ll see what’s going on in the next panel.

  6. The costume must be getting to Ben’s brain, that was the worst cheesy line I’ve heard in ages. Yet somehow, totally appropriate.

  7. Was that a Blackadder reference? If so, Kudos. I didn’t know it was big in America. 🙂 Love the final panel… his expression speaks volumes 😀

  8. how long has he been waiting to use that line?

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