Published On: May 12, 2022

21 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 31

  1. Oh man Karma, that shove is going to bite you in the ass later on.

    1. this is going to get messy … um messier

    2. just wondering does her feet get claws too?

  2. Dear Lord…. The week was agonizing to see this update…. I’m so anxious and excited to see this!!!!

    To quote Despicable Me (sort of), “IT’S SO AWESOME I’M GONNA DIE!!!!”

    Waiting another seven days…. I wish a Ferrah would bite me next….

    1. I’am pretty sure we still have another bonus update

  3. So much karma, including Karma himself. Mostly centered around Karma, in fact. I felt bad for him in the beginning of redux, but MAN do I REALLY feel bad for him now =p

  4. i like the redux way better then original because of the fact that its more realistic towards someone losing control and going on a rampage in a shape shifting body, and everyone knows their is certainly strange and bloodied tranformations at least according to every other werewolf manga or movie i have ever seen

    1. Not the least of which, this is Myst’s “unfettered” vision. Don’t get me wrong, James Strocel was a decent enough writer, but the material was not his own, and it shows. As a result, he took “liberties” in much the same way Richard Lester did with Superman 2 back in 1980 when the project was finally taken from Richard Donner.

  5. I find the original and the Redux both good.

    It should prove interesting how the newer version on Ferrah’s character design looks in full transformation compared to her in the original story.

    Seems like two transformations are taking place at the same time, but her vampiric one is taking the lead.

  6. Yup, that moment has got to SUCK for Kat.

  7. I will admit, I’m less than familiar with your comic, having only just stumbled upon this, the redux, today…. However I’m sure to continue following it! Between interesting characters, and a decidedly dark feel to it. Love it! I’ll be watching!

    1. then ill tell you this the original was more comedic and slightly lighter while from what ive seen so far in the redux it will be more serious, dark, and heavy

  8. Knowing what’s coming up…well, all I can say is, wow. This is actually an improvement from the previous iteration, and I thought you can’t improve on perfection…

    But had I not seen it before I might have said something like…

    “Wow, when shifters go through puberty, they don’t mess around!”

  9. Though this thought occurs, if even saliva turns someone how do vampires feed without turning the whole world into vampires? Two webcomic series versions and that never occurred to me.

    1. It’s all about how the virus effects people.

    2. Its pretty easy. Either A) kill everyone you feed off of, or b) don’t allow mouth to skin contact when you feed. They don’t HAVE to bite you to get your blood. There are sanitary methods of feeding. Also, because the agent is a virus, there are people who are immune to the effects. Not everyone actually can become a vampire.

      1. what about blood banks?

        1. Well you have to have an account with a positive balance, and sometimes you need two forms of ID…

  10. We actually get to see Ferrah transform this time!

    I admit, I read the archives this weekend, and it is interesting what has been foreshadowed, and what things have been moved around.

    I am still curious who Wolf is, and what he is exactly.

    1. teeeheeeeheeeeeee :3c

  11. Will her Nails always do that when she transforms cause that would be an utter pain, literally and figuratively

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