Published On: December 8, 2022

11 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 33

  1. 5 bucks says she survives due to the regeneration of vampires. P.S. Still funny. Not as funny as her ponytail though.

    1. I know, right? I was hoping it’d be her ponytail. Vamp-arms grow back, right? Or do they not? I doubt the ponytail would have.

      Still feel bad for X, despite her being a “bad guy.”

  2. What is Karma going to do?

  3. Eep. Wonder if we’re about to lose a supporting character or two?

  4. Ferrah definitely has a fetish for vampire arms…

  5. YES a post. NO, X :c I didn’t like her at first but… Karma, you’d better save her D:

    1. I agree; I didn’t like her at first either, but now I don’t want her to die! D:

  6. The odds are not looking in X and Karma’s favor right now

  7. I say take your time. Dont stress urself, we will wait patiently im just happy to read shifters again.

  8. Well, half a vampire is better than none.

  9. I have a thing against vampires, specially vampires like the ones depicted in the hunted group of this comic. For me watching as Ferrah has her way with the group is funny.
    What I find interesting is that Ferrah is dead-set on “aggressive vampire culling.”

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