Published On: December 8, 2022

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 pg 40

  1. I send my best wishes to you guys and your mother. Just stay optimistic and don’t overwork yourselves. ^ยท^

  2. Whee, you’re back! Heads up: you probably have a lot of readers who aren’t seeing this because the RSS feed isn’t working. The feed’s still valid and all the previous pages are still there, but this one didn’t post for some reason.

    1. Feed appears to be working now.

      1. What? It’s still telling me that page 39 is the most recent page.

      2. Now it’s fixed.

  3. Sorry to hear about your mother, ShadowMyst… I think aging is a scary fear especially when we can no longer do things ourselves. It’s sad to see our family members going through it. I heard that research labs have found the aging/degeneration gene, so maybe one day there won’t be thing such as alzhiemers or diseases. Sorry, I’m not really sure what to say, although I have had family members in hospital for big things.

    In any case – just update as you can. The comments and view stats shows that we are still here and will always be here. I check back every now and then. The good thing with comics is that time does not actually flow like normal time – the next page is the next second, so there isn’t anything lost. And if you guys find that it’s better to just leave this comic as it now is, that’s fine too. After all adventures are only fun if everyone is having fun. One thing my Dad taught me is to know when to refocus on other things. What we value so to say.

    Anyways, glad to hear Che has found a great job! It sounds very fun. i wish I could have a try and see what it’s like. (But then I just write business docs)

  4. So. I’m a dumb. I’ve looked at that ad on Brymstone for I don’t know how long, and didn’t realize until this morning after making that checking in comment that it’s your art style. F me, right? So anyhow, I’m glad to see that you’re doing good, Shadow. And am eager to watch Ferrah eat them. Probably won’t happen I admit, but hey, down with the blood suckers.

    1. Good being relative. I’m very sorry about your mother, I can’t do more than keep offering comments like this. But if that’s all I can do, I’m gonna do it damn well. All the love I can muster,
      Anime fan

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