Published On: May 12, 2022

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 9

  1. The blood finishes the outfit AND serves as great foreshadowing!

  2. Haha, awesome. Kat’s costume looks great. And gee, I wonder what Hushed Bluff is referring to? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with looking for little girls with black hair…

    Congrats, Lunaticked. c:

  3. dude thats an awsome costume congrats lunaticked hope to see more from you

  4. Hey now Kat, that’s a GREAT costume!
    Been enjoying the comic!^^

  5. LOL ‘Hushed Bluff’ aka ‘Silent Hill’ LMAO Thats awesome!

  6. lol that’s what I was going to say…hey isn’t there a new one comming out and a new movie of Silent Hill?

    1. Yup, there is. Its called Silent Hill:Downpour, The game anyway, I don’t know much about the movie except its happening and I understand Sean Bean is reprising his character from the first movie in some capacity.

  7. yeah i thought so. i wonder when the game comes out and the movie… any way great easter egg!

  8. Alice: “‘Hushed Bluff?’ Don’t you mean ‘Silent Hill?'”
    Ferrah: “Nope. ‘Hushed Bluff.’ It was groundbreaking because it finally proved Microsoft could rip off anything and get away with it. It wasn’t just stealing MacOS and calling it Windows, or stealing Civilization and calling it Age of Empires anymore. In the early 21st century we started seeing titles like ‘Microsoft Italian Plumber Siblings,’ ‘Microsoft Malignant Inhabitants,’ ‘Microsoft Hypervelocity Rodent,’ ‘Microsoft Adventures of the Green-Clad Elf,’ ‘Microsoft Abode of the Living Impaired,’ ‘Microsoft Crypt Plunderer,’ ‘Microsoft Alley Brawler,’ and it just went on and on!”
    Alice: “That may be corporate crime, but I still don’t get the horror aspect…”
    Ferrah: “Uwe Boll was hired to direct all of those games.”
    Alice: “…” *shudder* “Question withdrawn.”

  9. That’s a bit gorier that the nurse from Silent Hill.

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