Published On: May 12, 2022

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 10

  1. You’re right, kat does look sexeh in that last panel! C: I also really like how Ferrah looks in the first one

  2. I could imagine other makeup incidents…
    Ferrah: “Oh you don’t have to worry about getting rashes from this one. It’s hypoallergenic and organic!”
    Alice: “Organic, huh? Smells familliar…what did they use to make this zombie green?”
    Ferrah: “Catnip.”
    Alice: *thud*
    Ferrah: “…Alice?”

  3. great to see this comic again i thought it had passed into history years ago. I’m loving the redux and can’t wait for more! =p

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the redux and thanks for coming back to check it out!

  4. Great to see shifters going strong again! Long time fan, I’ve been reading since the start 🙂
    I was pretty confused when I got here though, I thought Redux was just the next part in the story after the Mage’s council…..very confusing xD
    Didn’t take long to sort it out, and I definitely approve of a complete revamp of the original story. The original was too damn fast -_-

  5. the cool part about Kat’s costume is that “IF” she gets all bloody, no one will notice lol

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