** Originally posted September 26th, 2011 ** Now things should DEFINITELY be getting familiar, if you’ve read the old version, although in the old one I really skipped the details of the dance, which I shant this time. I didn’t realize back then how invaluable the setting of it was for character establishment and exposition. Well none of that glancing over shall happen THIS time. If you can still stomach facebook since all the UI changes, we have a facebook page you can like. HOWEVER if you are more into Google+ these days, you can follow me on there for updates (shadowsmyst@gmail.com is my email addy, you can also search me under Marie Tary). I’m trying to use it more. If you need an invite, don’t be afraid to hit me up for one. Its MUCH better than facebook in many respects ATM, especially in light of the new UI changes to FB. PLEASE though, shoot me a note if you follow me to one of my posts either a shifters update or one of my posts asking people to ID themselves so I can put you in the right circle.
Published On: May 12, 2022

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 2

  1. Is it Ben? I bet it’s Ben. It must be Ben! Or yanno, another man since Ferrah is hearting BUT IT MUST BE BEN.

    1. It’s totally Ben. Can’t wait to see his new official design.

      Also, thanks for the fun page this week, you two. I definitely needed some cheering up right about now.

      1. Just watch it not be ben.

  2. (My reaction to last panel):
    Who could it be– Oh! Is it Ben? IzzitBenIzzitBenIzzitBen??! *reads comments* Oh! They said it too! It’s Ben! IzBenizBenwooo! Lol~

    I can’t wait to see his new design~ Ben was the best ^_^

  3. Oh I cant wait for the next page, I so wanna see the new design.

  4. been mia lately guys sorry, life has a way of sneaking up on u lol btw love the new page, character development is the best

  5. Alice: “Thank Gaia you’re here, off-panel escort man!”

  6. so ben’s one of the first that will be brought back whos next? ºwonders possibilities” 🙂

    1. Nikkinikkinikkinikkinikkinikki- *crosses fingers*

  7. OK, The dude’s name is Murphey and I’m listening to ‘The night Pat Murphy died.’

    I love silly coincidences.

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