Published On: May 12, 2022

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – pg 1

  1. Way to be a debbie downer kat GAWD

  2. Just for irony’s sake, I wanna see it be a catgirl outfit.

  3. hmm…. i wonder how the eclipse ties into the story

  4. hmm… i wonder how the ecilpse ties into the story

    1. It’s an antique Mitsubishi being brought in for show.

  5. please forgive the repeat and just this and one of the previos comments computer lag

  6. Ah yes, this would be the one time of year when shifters can go to hybrid form without worrying about breaches of veil secrecy. Well, that and the furry cons.

  7. every time i read “smashing” in this comic I hear Austin Powers saying it.

    and that’s just wrong

  8. It’s about time to get super excited @.@

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