Published On: December 9, 2022

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4 pg 7

  1. Everyone had a time like this, and i think everyone went crazy at this state XD – I am somehow curious how she will react when she hears what happened that night.

    If you cant do more than one update, don’t press yourself. It doesn’t help if you push out an update after another and get sick of it at some point. Better slow and steady, than rushed. I was happy that this comic continued, and i can live with one update from time to time. For me it’s important that you are ok, and don’t lose the fun creating it.

  2. Always welcome updates as they come but I am never telling someone to rush, work the way you feel is the easiest ShadowMyst

    Wait. I don’t go to school. I’m in college. And it’s Sunday. At 7:30.

  4. Call a spade a spade, she probably isn’t too interested in entertaining the idea that last night DID happen. I mean, come on. That’s pretty high up there in the “Life Changing Events” category. O.O

  5. Is there a way to read the original comic still or has it all be removed?

    1. The original is still up at its original home at

      1. Is there a reason you went with the color updates over the black and white ones? I thought the BW ones looked nice or maybe that is me reading to much manga.

        1. There’s a lot more I can do in color, than I can in black and white. It took too long to tone and stuff. I just felt it was more modern to do color and I could handle the magic/spiritual type effects better.

  6. Alice: “Yeah…speaking of ‘shifts…'”

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