Published On: May 19, 2023

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4 pg 16

  1. Yay i decided to check back on a whim after years just to see if it was back.

    1. PoeticallyPsychotic

      Same here, always nice to get a pleasant surprise!

  2. Awesome that you are back again.

  3. Just notices that this was alive again. Nice!

  4. will there be more chapters and will we get to see Farrah wearing full makeup in her true form

    1. Yes, of course, but Its just slow going as I can do it. My health pretty regularly swirls the bowl, but I try to work on this every wed. I stream it on twitch (shadows_myst)

  5. What’s up with the RSS feed? I decided to look at this feed because I remembered the new website notification a long while back. And now I see there have been three new comics, but none of them are in the feed so there were no notifications.

    1. I’m not sure? When I checked the feed (as linked from this webpage) it seemed to be working? Maybe update your RSS feed with the link from this site? Something might have gotten messed up in the site transfer?

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