Chapter 3 Pg 42

Here’s another page, end of the month, but still in May. More coming soon hopefully.

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Chapter 1 Pg31

Cos & Effect was pretty awesome, I met a lot of great people. I hope some of them found their way here. 🙂 Shifters is also now in Inkoutbreak. If you haven’t checked out this new way to find/read comics, its pretty neat.

Oh so close, only one more page before the chapter is FINISHED! And nearly 3 months of regular updates! Huzzah!

Ferrah is still oblivious to the fact that Kat has bigger problems than what is going on at the dance. And really, her skin watch is that cool.

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Chapter 1 Pg 29

We are up to page 29! Exciting! Its almost the end of the chapter! Woo! And we haven’t missed a day yet since launch. Come close a few times… but we managed to get it up!

A little world exposition in this page, subtle, but present. More will be explained later but we’ve learned a lot in a single page, so much more than the whole CHAPTER in the last story. whoo for better story telling skills.

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Chapter 1 Pg 28

Its August, that makes two months of steady Monday updates for everyone. How’s them apples?

In this page we get a little bit of info about Ferrah’s super shiny cyber watch. A biomonitor, for those who don’t know is a little bit of cyberware that monitors your vital signs. It could tell you if you have a fever or if you are fighting an infection, or if you’re blood alcohol level is too high, if you’ve been drugged… all sorts of uses.

Also, as a fun factoid. It is Illegal to be barefoot on the Vancouver Skytrain. You can be kicked off for ‘inappropriate footwear’. That’s where I got the idea that it is also illegal in Shade City and you will be kicked off the tram unless you put on some shoes. Tough beans for a Shifter that’s lost their footwear.

Ferrah’s mom will be playing a bit larger of a roll in the new comic, so you can see she cares about her daughter, taking her to the spa for her birthday. If you’ve never been to the spa, I can’t recommend at least one visit enough. Especially the pedicures. Oh my GOD. *melts*

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