This section is primarily for the RP, but also for those who are insatiably curious about the ‘fiddly details’ of the Shifters universe that isn’t necessarily readily apparent in the comic.


This is a work in progress, pages will be added when they are completed. .

Shifterverse: Table of Contents

The Basics

  • Introduction
  • Getting in the ‘mood’: A list of resources & inspirations
  • Building Characters that work

World Information

The Mega City

  • Shade City
  • Key locations in the City
  • Corporations
  • Government
  • Crime and Punishment in Shade City
  • Future Technology
  • The People of Shade City
  • The Wastes and other parts of the world
  • Powerful People & Celebrities
  • Money & Identity in Shade City

The Veil

  • The World of the Veil
  • The curse of the Taint
  • Races of the Veil
  • Dragons
  • The Circle
  • Law of the Veil
  • Kinsmir & other monsters
  • Magic, Dreams, & Psionics
  • Humans and the Veil
  • Gods of the Shifterverse

RP Specific Information

Please note that information here is specific to the Shifters RP on THIS SITE.  It may not apply to other games, but I like to think that the information is useful anyway. If you are interested or plan to apply to the RP, please make sure you read and understand everything in this section.

General RP Etiquette (online at least)

  • Online RP Etiquette 101
  • Don’t be a Twink/Zippie RPer
  • Battles & Conflicts in online RP
  • “Please, use English.”

Getting started

  • Humans First Rule
  • How to make characters that work
  • Character Creation Templates
  • Character Sheet
  • Attribute Tables & Definitions
  • Human Talents
  • Elemental Affinity
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Veil Transformation Templates


  • Game Mechanics (forum specific)
  • Game Mechanics (table top)
  • Conversions to other systems
  • Combat (forum)
  • Combat (Tabletop)
  • Awakening
  • Mystic/Power Mechanics
  • Technology vs Magic
  • Cybertech Rules
  • Improvement Points