Chapter 1 Pg 28

Its August, that makes two months of steady Monday updates for everyone. How’s them apples?

In this page we get a little bit of info about Ferrah’s super shiny cyber watch. A biomonitor, for those who don’t know is a little bit of cyberware that monitors your vital signs. It could tell you if you have a fever or if you are fighting an infection, or if you’re blood alcohol level is too high, if you’ve been drugged… all sorts of uses.

Also, as a fun factoid. It is Illegal to be barefoot on the Vancouver Skytrain. You can be kicked off for ‘inappropriate footwear’. That’s where I got the idea that it is also illegal in Shade City and you will be kicked off the tram unless you put on some shoes. Tough beans for a Shifter that’s lost their footwear.

Ferrah’s mom will be playing a bit larger of a roll in the new comic, so you can see she cares about her daughter, taking her to the spa for her birthday. If you’ve never been to the spa, I can’t recommend at least one visit enough. Especially the pedicures. Oh my GOD. *melts*

I will be at Cos & Effect on August 13 & 14th this month at UBC in Vancouver. Come by and support meh!

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