Chapter 1 Pg 29

We are up to page 29! Exciting! Its almost the end of the chapter! Woo! And we haven’t missed a day yet since launch. Come close a few times… but we managed to get it up!

A little world exposition in this page, subtle, but present. More will be explained later but we’ve learned a lot in a single page, so much more than the whole CHAPTER in the last story. whoo for better story telling skills.

I now have a store! The first major item? A bitchin Shifters shirt based of Ferrah’s kinsmir form!


A closer look at the design on the shirt can be found here. The only color is grey right now, but if you order one this week, you will probably get it faster than later because I’m just placing an order for Cos & Effect and its easy to throw a few more shirts in that order if I know they are bought.

I will be selling the cool shirts, comics, jewelry, and more at Cos & Effect this weekend August 13-14 in the Artist alley at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver! If you are in Vancouver, BC this coming weekend come and check it out! A cosplay extravaganza!

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