Ferrah Rolley

The main character of Shifters: Redux is Ferrah, a 17 year old high school senior at Shade City high school. Being raised by her single mother, she’s a connoisseur of cheesy horror of all kinds. She’s also crafty and enjoys making cosplay, even if it doesn’t always turn out so well. Due to her mother working all the time she’s learned to be very independent and even works part time at the Moonclucks coffee house to make extra money to ease the burden on her mom and be able to afford things for herself.

Ferrah is a fierce friend who puts 100% into whatever and whomever she’s interested in at the time. She could be described as “boy crazy” developing crushes frequently on boys in her life, such as Ben.

Her best friend is Alice, whom she’s known since elementary school and has frequently been her champion when Alice has found herself bullied. Ferrah means well, but often looks before she leaps, which gets her in trouble often, simply biting off more than she can chew.

As the “normal” friend of Alice and Ben, she becomes embroiled in their world at a school Halloween dance when she is targeted by vampires who are trying to obtain an item from Alice.

Birthday: Oct 31, 2016
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: AB
Shifter Bond: Wolf

Alice Sherry

Alice Sherry is Ferrah’s best friend, and has been since elementary school. She’s also friends with Ben, whom she’s known from early childhood as their families are allies within the Veil from before she was born. Alice is a shifter who’s form is a domestic cat. She’s very smart, intuitive, and brave in her own way when facing enemies of the veil, though she can be very timid sometimes when facing her own peers. Alice is also the daughter of a police family, though because of her bond being that of a small cat she’s seen as weak and incapable of fighting.

Alice has lost several family members in veil conflicts, particularly with those with the vampires. and now the vampires have turned their attention to her. She has known that Ben has a crush on her for a long time, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Birthday: Mar 18, 2017
Sign: Pieces
Blood Type: A
Shifter Bond: Domestic Cat
Veil Name: Kat

Ben Harkus

Ben Harkus is the only son of Edward Harkus, who is a somewhat famous and highly respected member of the Veil community. Ben’s mom died when he was young, leaving Ed to raise his son alone. To make matters more complicated, Ben “awakened” as a shifter very early, when he was only five years old. He also began to display shamanic talent at that time. Ed knew his son was destined for great things, but his harsh training has alienated his son, who’s interests include football, video games, and hanging out with “normal” friends. He currently struggles to find a balance between the ‘normal’ world he yearns to live in and his responsibilities as a shifter shaman. He’s friends with Alice and through her, friends with Ferrah. He personally has a crush on Alice, but Ferrah has made it abundantly clear that she has a crush on him. He’s actually somewhat off-put by Ferrah and her forwardness.

Ben’s been twisted up in many of the veil’s conflicts since he was young because of his status. He is very caring, and very empathetic which makes him dealing with strong personalities sometimes a bit challenging. He’s sometimes self conscious about his abilities because of the personal cost.

Birthday: Jul 6, 2017
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Shifter Bond: Brown Bear
Veil name: Sominous