Shifters FAQ

Q. What day(s) does Shifters Update?

A. Currently the comic updates randomly as I finish pages. I am trying to finish at least one a month. We’ll see where things go from there.

Q. Do you need help writing?

A. No, I already have all my story pretty much fleshed out, I do not need any help writing.

Q. Would you like to use my characters?

A. No. I’m not looking for anyone else’s characters for primarily legal reasons around copyright and use of other people’s intellectual property. It gets very sticky when you start just using other people’s stuff in your work and want to publish. I don’t want to deal with that so no.

Q. Can I be in your comic?

A. See the answer above, however that being said, sometimes I have opportunities for ‘cameo’ slots through auction or patreon. If you keep your eye out for one of these, you might be able to snag one. There are a limited number of these when they become available and they happen randomly in crowd shots.

Q. Is Shifters based on Whitewolf’s Werewolf: the Apocalypse?

A. No. It is originally inspired by an alternate reality source book for R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG with my own flare twisted in. While parts of it may seem similar to WW:tA, its because they also use werewolf and general totemic mythology in apparently in similar ways. There are significant differences in them, but people seem to want to attribute them to a game I have neither read, nor played.

Q. Is Shifters based on the movie Underworld?

A. No. Shifters predated the movies, having been originally conceived and published in 1998. See above for more details.

Q. Why do your characters have such large breasts?

A. Because that’s how I feel like drawing them. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But I do this mostly for fun, so I do want I want.

Q. May I use your characters and world for an RPG?

A. I’d prefer if you didn’t. Everyone gets it wrong.  Eventually I hope to have an RPG book for people like you, but right now, I’d prefer if you didn’t try to interpret my work into yours. It just gets far too sticky to do this, for everyone involved.

Q. Can I create fan stories or Fan art of your comic

A. I LOVE fan art, and fan stories! However, there is a couple of provisions here:

  • You have to credit me and link back to EVERYWHERE you post it.
  • You must submit a copy to me so I can post it on this website (in the correct section of course)
  • You cannot claim any of my characters as yours, even if you use it in the story/artwork. There MUST be credit and a link.

Q. Do you do commissions?

A. Sometimes. However, I’m an art mercenary. My price is my price. That’s what its going to take for me to draw something for you. I also tend to take a long time because I’m busy, but also suffer a lot of health issues currently, so bring lots of patience. I will not haggle or accept abuse because you don’t have money. That is not my problem. Budget appropriately.

I do not do freebees, or trades generally. I will consider exchanges of service if they are equivalent, and collaborations on a case by case basis.

I will not accept comic commissions or listen to pitches from people wanting me to draw their comic ideas/scripts. This is doubly true if the compensation is for ‘royalties’ or a ‘cut’. I don’t do work ‘on spec’ or for ‘exposure’. If I take any work, I expect cash up front, and yes, I know what commercial work is worth.

My commissions are currently only available on stream on twitch, rarely. You have to catch me when I’m streaming. I highly advise watching my twitch to get notified when I’m streaming art.