Chapter 1 Pg 32

Well, after… five years? Chapter 1 is finally complete! Here we finally get to see what the new vampires look like without their masks. And now you know why they decide to target Ferrah. There will be a little break here, one week between this issue and the next one starting up so that we can rebuild a bit of backlog to ensure the next chapter continues on-time and on schedule. There was a question regarding if Shifters would ever update more than once a week. My response to that question is in the forums. I think I will be going ahead with putting up the tipjar, and for every 50$ we get in September, we will add one additional page into the October schedule (we need to plan these things in advance so it has to be for a month in advance) So you can expect some minor tweeks to the website soon to track how much has been donated. The kinsmir t-shirts are also still available from the store, and I’ll be hopefully getting some more things up into it, like buttons and prints, soon here, as well getting the first Shifters book printed. (*fingers crossed*) Another exciting thing is that we just recorded our first podcast! I will be posting it later this week in its own section (MORE website renos…). We are currently trying to schedule them every 2 weeks, but if there’s the demand, we may go higher. In the spirit of that, make sure to post your questions to the forum thread! Don’t forget to like our facebook page, and fave us on Inkoutbreak if you happen to be on it!

Chapter 1 Pg31

Cos & Effect was pretty awesome, I met a lot of great people. I hope some of them found their way here. 🙂 Shifters is also now in Inkoutbreak. If you haven’t checked out this new way to find/read comics, its pretty neat. Oh so close, only one more page before the chapter is FINISHED! And nearly 3 months of regular updates! Huzzah! Ferrah is still oblivious to the fact that Kat has bigger problems than what is going on at the dance. And really, her skin watch is that cool. Don’t forget the Kinsmir shirts are on sale in the store! And also don’t forget to favorite Shifters Facebook page!

Chapter 1 Pg 29

We are up to page 29! Exciting! Its almost the end of the chapter! Woo! And we haven’t missed a day yet since launch. Come close a few times… but we managed to get it up! A little world exposition in this page, subtle, but present. More will be explained later but we’ve learned a lot in a single page, so much more than the whole CHAPTER in the last story. whoo for better story telling skills. I now have a store! The first major item? A bitchin Shifters shirt based of Ferrah’s kinsmir form! Photobucket A closer look at the design on the shirt can be found here. The only color is grey right now, but if you order one this week, you will probably get it faster than later because I’m just placing an order for Cos & Effect and its easy to throw a few more shirts in that order if I know they are bought. I will be selling the cool shirts, comics, jewelry, and more at Cos & Effect this weekend August 13-14 in the Artist alley at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver! If you are in Vancouver, BC this coming weekend come and check it out! A cosplay extravaganza!

Chapter 1 Pg 26

Another Monday, another page! Karma is pretty ticked. Unfortunately his minions aren’t particularly obedient, at least the girl isn’t. We’ll be seeing their faces eventually here. But I think the page largely speaks for itself. Karma isn’t quite as powerless as his newest minion thinks, his powers are just… subtle. Don’t forget, if you are in Vancouver, BC this weekend (July 23) is MINICOMI! Mad-Cheshire and I will be there selling our wares. Minicomi is at UBC’s Student Union building and is from 10am-5pm. Come and check it out! Also, don’t forget we have a facebook page you should like if you haven’t already.

Chapter 1 Pg 23

And another update! Woo! We’ve been kicking around the idea of a Shifters Podcast, but we’d like some input as to what sort of stuff you guys would like to hear on the podcast. We kinda thought it would be cool to take a shifters related subject or question and talk about it for about half an hour to an hour depending. But if there are other things you guys are interested in hearing about, please post your ideas in the forum. Also! The costume contest ends this week! If you’ve been thinking about entering, now is the time! The thread to post your entry is here. Contest closes June 30!

Chapter 1 Pg 22

Another magnificent page, we’re on a roll! Mad Cheshire’s colors are just spiffy as hell aren’t they? Here we see the introduction of a face which is both old and new. You never saw him in the old comic, but he existed. Just never got a chance to talk about him. Kudos if you figure out who he is. It probably isn’t very hard. Of course despite the cryptic warning, Ferrah is much more interested in dating the hot guy rather than actually listening to him. She needs to work on her listening skills. *nods* If any of you all are in the Vancouver area, (don’t worry, its safe now…) Mad Cheshire and myself will be at Minicomi on July 23 at the UBC campus in the student union building. Its totally free to get in, so if you are around, do come and check it out! Also, don’t forget to like Shifters Redux’s fan page on Facebook if you haven’t already for news, updates, and stuff. The Costume contest is closing soon too, so get your submission up on the message boards! There does seem to be some misunderstanding about what the contest is about. You DON’T have to dress up, you just have to come up with a costume idea for Ferrah and Kat to be dressed up as at the dance. It can just be in writing, or you can draw something. No need to cosplay.. seriously. So go and enter in the forums.

Chapter 1 Pg 21

Booyah. Another page for you all. Mad Chesire’s colors look awesome, no? I moved the comic back to the front page. It did look kinda silly just being the blog, since you all come here for the comic, not to hear me yak about whatever. Although hopefully you will find that the blog is interesting too, because I will be using it to talk about Shifters stuff as we move ahead in the plot and I can without major spoilers. Although on this page, I can tell you that the two movies that Ferrah got for her birthday are based on two RL movies, one actually called “Robovampire” ( no I’m not making it up.), and another called “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra” Ferrah has a certain taste for B-grade horror flicks. Most of them terrible to the sufferance of her friends. If you are curious, you can view Skeleton on Netfliks I believe. I’m not sure where you can see Robovampire.. but hopping vampires. Enough said. Don’t forget to like Shifters’ facebook page, or to enter the costume contest! There’s only been a few entries so far, and the contest ends on the 30th of June!

Chapter 1 Pg 20

And here it is, as promised, the first new page of Shifters Redux in GLORIOUS full colour, ON TIME. The colouring provided courtesy of the talented Mad Cheshire ( aka Mysti ) who will be providing coloring services for the forseeable future and possibly more. This page kinda ties up the little sequence from before, but if you think vampires are going to give up that easy, you’ve got another thing coming. More action ahoy! Don’t forget Shifters has a facebook page which you can join and the costume contest is going on in the forums.