About the Shifters Art Team

Artist & Author – Marie Tary aka ShadowsMyst

I am a geeky girl residing in British Columbia, Canada in and about the Lower Mainland. I am a graphic designer by profession.

My hobbies outside of comics include videogames, anime, art, watching movies, & volunteering with conventions. I have had a long history of interest in mythology, folklore, and fairytales. I also have an avid interest in transformations (of all sorts), roleplaying, roleplaying games (of the tabletop variety), and anthromorphics.

I started Shifters initially as a way to improve my art and story writing skills and to share a story with friends who enjoyed similar sorts of subject matter as I do. Particularly those with vampires, werewolves and all manner of other urban fantasy beasties.

Shifter’s was inspired in no small part by Cyberpunk 2020’s  Night’s Edge supplement for the tabletop RPG. I was really into it at the time I created the Shifters ‘mythology’. A few old characters from that game even snuck their way into the comic. My other influences included North American Shamanism, european werewolf fables, Final Fantasy, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology, and a liberal smattering of my own twists. Any similarities between Shifters and Werewolf: The Apocalypse are purely coincidental. I didn’t actually know anything really about it when Shifters was originally created.

Currently there is a discord server available for fans to gather on and chat with each other. Also on my twitch channel when I’m streaming. The forums fell into disuse, and were devoid of posts for 3 years, so I decided it was time to move on from the forums to discord. If you want to support Shifters and what I’m doing here, you can join my Patron, buy me a ko-fi or 2, or subscribe/throw bits or tips at me on twitch when I stream.

Colorist – Che

The colorist for Shifters is known online as Che, and is an accomplished artist who works in the animation industry painting backgrounds for animated series and movies. She has worked on many series including Carmen Sandiego, My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic the movie, and many more. You can follow her on her twitter.