Chapter 1 Pg 22

Another magnificent page, we’re on a roll! Mad Cheshire’s colors are just spiffy as hell aren’t they?

Here we see the introduction of a face which is both old and new. You never saw him in the old comic, but he existed. Just never got a chance to talk about him. Kudos if you figure out who he is. It probably isn’t very hard.

Of course despite the cryptic warning, Ferrah is much more interested in dating the hot guy rather than actually listening to him. She needs to work on her listening skills. *nods*

If any of you all are in the Vancouver area, (don’t worry, its safe now…) Mad Cheshire and myself will be at Minicomi on July 23 at the UBC campus in the student union building. Its totally free to get in, so if you are around, do come and check it out! Also, don’t forget to like Shifters Redux’s fan page on Facebook if you haven’t already for news, updates, and stuff.

The Costume contest is closing soon too, so get your submission up on the message boards! There does seem to be some misunderstanding about what the contest is about. You DON’T have to dress up, you just have to come up with a costume idea for Ferrah and Kat to be dressed up as at the dance. It can just be in writing, or you can draw something. No need to cosplay.. seriously. So go and enter in the forums.

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