Published On: April 29, 2022

9 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 32

  1. Ladyboners all over for X


  2. This will end well. =]

  3. my prediction is blood all over some random allys street, non of it belonging to ferrah ….. heeha GORY

  4. that makes so much sense as to why they targeted her, i use to wonder y in the old version.

    1. I know, right? It totally didn’t make sense because I never bothered to explain anything. THIS is exactly why I’m doing the redux. Expect there to be a lot more clarifications to come.

  5. Definitely worth waiting for. And podcaaast. Can’t wait to listen to the first one. :3

    And holy underboob, Batman. I’m just trying to figure how that works, especially since she was running and jumping and stuff.

  6. dude penumbra i agree with you how is it possible that some revealing accident doesn’t happen with that incredible short shirt cause shes like somehow defying the laws of gravity with it

  7. Karma: “We can’t go after Dorothy. So we go after Toto and she’ll come to us. All we need then is a blowtorch for the Scarecrow and a super soaker to take care of the Tin Man.”
    *Flash forward to four smoldering vampires*
    X: “‘We go after Toto,’ you said.”
    Karma: “How was I supposed to know there was a ‘Great and Powerful Oz?'”

  8. what is the blue thing around the Fem vamps Waist is it a tattoo body paint or one very large thong or something?

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