Published On: April 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 27

  1. When running… sure… 😉

  2. It was quite the shame about minicomi. Especially the concrud I got from it >< god damn.

    Hoping Cos & Effect turns out much better for you, though!

  3. Oh Mr. TVHobo man, how we’ve missed you. D’ya think he’d show Ferrah the original Battlestar Galactica or the new one if she asked?
    And awesome, her shoes DID come off! Not awesome for her, but hey, uppercity’s not too shabby in cleanliness, she’ll be fine(I think).
    Sorry to hear about Minicomi(I didn’t actually hear about it except here, but that’s the saying), I wish you the best of luck at Cos & Effect!

  4. Love that you brought tv hobo back in this verson too

  5. Alice: “i must have broken them while running.”
    Ferrah: “ah, for a second I thought it was because your feet changed shape or something.”
    Alice: “Um, quick, Ferrah! Look over there at the Navel-Vision!”

  6. so how does he still live while the tv’s in him?

    1. It’s one of the EXTREME navel rings…of the future! Look for them at your nearest Hot Topic!

  7. Nice to see the TV Hobo recognized. I didn’t realize he was from as far back as the last series.

  8. TV-Hobo isn’t the only one like him! This is what the government does with Hobos in the future: they capture them and put TVs in their bellies to make good use out of ’em. How else could you explain a hobo being able to afford such an expensive surgery?

  9. i know ive seen a hobo with a tv in his stomach somewhere from another manga, anime or something else i just dont remember where …….. now its frustrating cause i cant remember where 🙁

  10. lol awesome page guys lol and i like how ferrah acknowledge her lack of shoes lol

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