Published On: April 29, 2022

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 29

  1. I’ve been missing this comic. It’s good to see it back! I glanced through the archives last night, and I forgot how much of a cliff-hanger version 1.0 ended on.

  2. Alice: “It’s like shoving a corp leash up your ass!”
    Ferrah: “No. The derm watch goes on the wrist. The corp leash goes on the neck. The MP3 player goes up the ass.”
    Alice: “…”
    Ferrah: “I don’t have a medical degree! That’s just where they install ’em! Anyway I don’t believe all that stuff about implants giving people the crazies. And the voices in my head agree with me.”
    Alice: “Wait…what voices?”
    Ferrah: “Oh, no, wait, that’s just my cell phone. Hello?”

  3. hmmm what happens when ur nerowatch runs out of batteries, does it consume ur soul

  4. i wonder if that could happen o3o

  5. that would be so AWESOME!!!-w-

  6. i already know two things…never try and skate on a cop car..and never try to go upside-down surfing…-.-

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