Published On: April 29, 2022

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 21

  1. I really really like what you did to the page. Myst, we are going to work so well together.

  2. nice….u guys def outdone urselves again, and we all know what karma meant

  3. I love the color on this page. Like Mysti said, you guys seem to work very well with each other. :3

  4. Wow…B-movies? d00d…if one of those stars a descendant of Bruce Campbell…then this new iteration of Ferrah has gone up twenty notches of awesome.

    Ah, nostalgia for…although this didn’t come up there, but rather in a letter I sent Ferrah in the previous iteration of Shifters…

    “hey, SM, will I gain control over my Kinsmir powers?”
    “Holy shit…I am so screwed.”

    And on this current iteration…while I do miss the semi-cartoony manga-esque style…I do like the milieu you’re setting up where even if Ferrah or Alice live in a suburb, this city at least sets the stage and the tech level. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shade City sat on or at least had a major trunk line from an ITER-scale fusion reactor for main power. Not sure where Shade City is in the geographical position…so…it might be serviced off of (and this is a rough guess based on the projected power output of a civillian fusion plant) any combination of plants, say…Livermore (Western coastal US), Trinity (Southwest mountain US), Dresden (kind of a fanboy name for the plant based in the Great Lakes region, Central US), Norris (Austin region, central US), Kennedy (Florida), or Freedom (Upstate NY with a main trunk line to Manhattan). Terawatts on the output. No boom possible.

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