Published On: April 29, 2022

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 30

  1. Man I just love Ferrah’s Face in that first panel XD

  2. wow! if that’s what hair implants do to her i’d hate too see if she got any other kind of implants 😛

  3. people just like to argue why cant everyone just get along – im mean come those two are fighting like cats and dog….. 0_0 wait a minute

  4. again u guys just amaze me, perfect line art and perfect coloring, wow….Now to the comic: u ever ask urself hmmm imagine if i had a neuro watch on. Sound cool in theory, but now try to hide from a bad guy in the dark? No bueno lol

  5. Ferrah: “Your hair grew back pretty fast, now that I think about it.”
    Alice: “I know where you sleep! I will use your bed as a litterbox! But I am absolutely not a werecat!”
    Ferrah: “…you have problems, girl.”
    Alice: “Eh heh heh heh…”

    Also: Mood hair? Does it change color, or change style as well? (Say, it spikes up in all directions in response to sudden adrenaline spike…)

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