Published On: April 29, 2022

12 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 26

  1. I like how you’ve managed to get the vampires wearing masks to show emotion.

    1. Thanks! I know a lot of people neglect body language and subtle emotional hints.. I’ve also kinda made the masks subtly emote from time to time which is fun.

  2. nice mysti, the colors are amazing like always lol i like how X speaks in a way that depicts what the audience would say to karma lol

    1. X is kinda fun for doing that.

  3. heh. great job and now the story will continue to unfold…..oh hey does ferrah know she is a shifter?

    1. Does Ferrah know Kat is a shifter? No, she doesn’t. Ferrah’s a normal. she knows nothing of the veil.

      1. oh cool thanks for telling me:)

  4. “Karma has more power than you think. So shut up or he’ll run over your Dogma.”

    1. yeah…i don’t get that?

      1. i do…XD

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