Published On: April 29, 2022

13 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 22

  1. SO THAT’S WHAT WAS GOING ON HERE. Lol. I love how I spend hours starring at these pages and I have no idea wtf is happening.

  2. There are more appropriate comments I could make. Like something relevant to the plot, or something.

    But, I think I’ll go wiiiiith….

    THAT’S A GUY!?

    1. I always find it amusing when guys can’t tell a bishie from a girl. Ahhh androgeny.

  3. Pretty boy, man. Pretty boy.

  4. that seemed a little random on Ferrahs part (i guess her personality is a little different in this redux and well)

    1. Ferrah’s personality has tweeks yes. She really didn’t have a personality in the previous version. She was pretty much a clueless airhead. In this one she has a more defined personality, and to that effect, she’s kind of boy crazy. If you’ve never had a boy crazy scorpio on your hands, this won’t be nearly as funny.

  5. Anyone figure out who the pretty-boy is?

  6. I just got it. oh my god. But only because of something SM mentioned on the weekend… and because i know his name… -keeps quiet!-

  7. Im really tryin to figure out who he is again, but i gotta say love the hair lol

  8. absolutely clueless to he is?

  9. no offense but the dude is a little “busty” looking in panel 4.


    1. Seriously? I think you’re just imagining it. He’s flat as a board. If I draw boobs, they are honkingly clear.

  10. It’s Kiba without the face paint! Oh wait…he’s got Iruka-sensei’s scarring…

    Still, “if you get into trouble, take the hand?” That’s a little vague. Highly confusing. And given Ferrah’s reaction, likely to go amiss when both trouble happens and said “hand” is in evidence.

    The tags for this comic, though, should be prophetic enough as to this guy’s nature.

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