Published On: April 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “Chapter 1 pg 25

  1. I always get excited to see how they look all finished up from you XD Yay team work hahahaha

    1. I know, its always exciting to get the pages and see what you’ve done to the line art. XD

  2. hi i just wanna say, i’ve been a fan since you started the webcomic and been a fan ever since so keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment James! it means a lot to hear people are liking what we’re doing!

  3. you are very welcome! it takes time and will power to draw what you have to do!

  4. Just found your comic on ink! Very cool, now I am following!

    1. Sweet! Ink is working already?! That was fast! Good to see you here!

  5. hay wouldnt it make sense if that guy would just jump on top of the train just before it pulls away like what happened before with kat and then just wait until she got to the next stop…….. im just saying cause thats what id do

  6. Why would a vampire want her ass, anyway? Wasn’t he after her magic Quake necklace?

    1. lol most likely u know y…:3

      1. Well I admit, she does have a fine ass, but still…

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