Chapter 3 Pg 9

Ferrah’s dream steadily unravels. Wolf isn’t giving up though!

So its June 6th, which means its the 1 year anniversary of Shifters relaunch from last year! We’ve finished two chapters and are already well on half way over a third. Lots of old and new folk returned to the site, even if things are a little quiet right now, but I think, at least its certainly something to celebrate, along with me getting a year older. XD We’ve made a lot of great progress this year. Something I hope we can keep up for the upcoming year.

I have to really thank each and everyone of you for coming back and reading Shifters, special thanks to those who have helped support it financially and emotionally. Extra special thanks goes to Mysti, Gorble, Sterling, and D for going above and beyond in your respective areas. Here’s to another great year!

A reminder that the Renewing the Circle contest contest closes today by midnight, so if you haven’t got your entry in, make sure you do so by the end of today! I’ll announce the winners, and a new contest, next week.

Here’s the usual reminder that we are on facebook, G+, inkoutbreak, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Livejournal if you are going oldschool for your comic updates. I also post updates on Deviantart and Furaffinity. If you want updates, subscribe to one of the above, I try to get them all when I update.. at least most of the time. :P Also, please tell your friends about Shifters if you like it! Word of mouth is the best way to show your love of the comic.


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