Chapter 3 Pg 36

I just kind of had this scene of Karma hanging in the air a bit above ferrah, so I had to include it, I know this is dragging out a bit, but bear with me, we’re almost through this.

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NOTE TO CHEPRETIATION DONORS: You should have received your digital wallpaper. If you had trouble with the link please contact me. Also, many of you still haven’t responded to the letters I sent out asking for missing details so we can send you stuff. Please get back to me ASAP!

Now I’m sure it hasn’t escaped everyone’s notice that updates have been a little erratic. I’m very sorry about this, but right now I’m suffering some pretty severe wrist pain, specifically around my thumb. I believe its tendinitis of some form or another. Unfortunately the pain is causing me some serious difficulty in gripping anything with my thumb without shooting pains or just weakness, which includes my tablet pen. I’m also having to often wear a splint, just to get some relief from the pain, but that obviously prevents me from doing pretty much anything with my right hand.

Obviously with this pain, things have gone a little slower than I would like, and updates may continue to be a little erratic for the future depending on how bad this gets and if I have to get some kind of medical treatment for it. Just more a heads up than anything as to why things have been kind of up and down. But I am still trying to get pages done, but can only do so as my body allows.

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