Chapter 3 Pg 35

Eh. Still working on that schedule thing. Che had a migraine, I had the busy. But its here now.

Have a comic.



Forgot to post this last night, but a friend of mine from the Webcomic Beacon Newscast, Eric Kimball, is doing a kickstarter for his children’s book project. I said I’d pass the word around. Its quite nicely done, and would make a nice addition to the library of any child.

If you know a kid, or have one yourself, consider supporting his book.

Edit 2:

Okay, maybe its not as clear as I would have liked (seriously, I struggled with this page as far as its composition is concerned), but karma is basically bouncing off ferrah’s face with epic force, thereby slamming it into the pavement. He doesn’t shoot maces out of his feet (which is silly). Originally I wanted to draw him landing on her nose and her kind of flicking him off, but do you know how hard it is to draw a slight nose flick? So I settled for this, I thought it was clearer.  Oh well.

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