Chapter 3 Pg 37

So, hello everyone. Its been a while, and what a ride its been.

As you can see, we are attempting to get back to the comic after the crazy year its been. A lot of things have been going on.

Firstly, Che, our estemed colorist and my partner in crime for this site has successfully completed her first year of  her University Commercial Animation Program. Because of the intensity of her program, she wasn’t able to do anything outside school work for the year. We are going to try to find a way to work around this for the upcoming year so there can be updates, but they may be slow. We’re playing it by ear, but neither of us wants to give up on Shifters!

As for myself, there was, and still continues to be a lot of drama around my family, although its taken a back seat to the craziness that is helping run a convention. I’m not entirely sure how I got so deep into this whole thing, but stuff happened and snowballed and I got a lot more responsibility that I had originally signed up for. That is all going to come to a head at the end of June, when the Convention will be occurring, and hopefully, I can extract myself after that point to a more reasonable level of crazy. It does give me a lot more respect for people who plan these events though.

IF you happen to be in the Vancouver area this June 27-29th, check out Its the one big summer con! Three cons in one ticket! Che and I will be there in the artist alley.

Here’s the usual reminder that we are on facebookG+inkoutbreakTumblrTwitter, and even Livejournal if you are going oldschool for your comic updates. I also post updates on Deviantart and Furaffinity. If you want updates, subscribe to one of the above, I try to get them all when I update.. at least most of the time. :P Also, please tell your friends about Shifters if you like it! Word of mouth is the best way to show your love of the comic.





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