Chapter 3 Pg 33

Well X, that looks like it hurt.

It’s a new month! Don’t forget to vote at TWC and help Shifters get back to the front page!

This chapter is going to be a little longer than I intended. I’m kind of figuring its going to go over what I had intended by about 4 pages or 6 pages just to get the pacing right, but I’d rather go a bit long and tell the story well than cut it short for an arbitrary page count in my head.

Next week there won’t be a page however, as Che is going to be on vacation out of town. But I do intend to still draw the page, and maybe we can get some of these bonus updates out of the way. I know updates have been spotty a bit. A lot of it has to do with me working on a really big super-secret project that I can’t talk about yet. Its a paying gig, so I’ve had to put a lot of my free time towards that and frankly its been like working two full time jobs, because I have a day job too and I’m still trying to get con stuff done in between.

There will be a break at the end of this chapter, because frankly I really need it.

Che and I will be both at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VANCAF) on May 25-26 in Vancouver at the end of the month, hopefully with a nice surprise. If you happen to be able to come out, that would be extremely cool! Please drop by our table(s)!  Its free admission and there’s lots of great guests and workshops.


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