We made a comic! Filler

Hey guys.

Sorry to do this, but its just been crazy and I couldn’t get a page done between my ‘super secret project of doom’, and the first SHIFTERS COMIC getting it to the printer to have it on the table at VANCAF. Although don’t get too excited, its NOT the graphic novel, but I couldn’t do the whole GN in the time I had, so an issue had to do.

Although on the plus side, the inside cover has room for an original sketch. Probably will end up being a limited run, leading up to the GN of the first three chapters. BUT if you are interested, they will be up in the shop eventually.

So Che was awesome and put together a little filler to celebrate getting it off to the printer.

However, the bad news is that I don’t think that I’ll have time to do an update until June because of deadlines around this super secret project, thow in a con, and trying to manage my health, and its just not going to happen. So I’m just going to put things on hold until June 7th so I don’t kill myself.

I might post some tidbit stuff, but don’t hold your breath.

12 thoughts on “We made a comic! Filler

  1. Wtf bro!? What aboot me!?

  2. Hmm…. a filler

  3. If I send in fanart, will you post it as a filler?

    1. We certainly can.

      1. That is awesome

      2. Sweet! I’ll get started on it tomorrow afternoon! Does anyone have something they’d like to see in particular?

        1. maybe something based around Kat and Ferrah’s transformed states

  4. I can’t find any contact info. Where should I send it?

    1. If you click on the contact link in the menu, it should open a mailto window for my email. But its shadowsmyst@gmail.com

      1. It tried to open Microsoft Outlook but it doesn’t work on my computer.

  5. hmm…. still waiting, and hopeful as ever

    1. It just wasn’t meant to be, I supposed.

      First, I drew this really awesome Doctor Who thing of Kat and Ferrah as the 11th Doctor (femversion of course) and the new companion Clara, but then my scanner wouldn’t work. So, I drew an adorable feral version of Kat tied up with a ball of yarn, and I couldn’t get the link to attach to the email. SO, I tried scanning my first pic at a friends house, and her scanner actually caught FIRE and singed most of my drawing.

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