Chapter 3 Pg 7

Wolf is such a dork. Ferrah’s dream is about to go south.

Edit: Apparently the last panel is like a rorschach test. People are seeing all sorts of weird stuff. Fingers, cats, etc. It is however, really a closeup of ferrah grabbing her neck (where the blood is), the blanket is still around her shoulders and you see the bottom of her chin there.

This weekend is the Free to attend and first annual Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! I’m going to be at table #44 sharing with Ven Seunnapha of Look for the Evil Space Cat! There is a full list of exhibitors here. So come and check it out!

A reminder that the Circle contest is now up in the forums, the details are there. You’ll need to sign up for the forums and the site if you haven’t yet in order to be eligible to participate. Also I am now a ‘regular’ now on the Webcomic Beacon Newscast, do go check it out.

Mysti has just made a Tumblr account for Shifters, so if you are into Tumblr, go ahead and follow it. She’ll be posting updates, sketches and stuff, and you can also submit questions.

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