AH! What happened to this page??

Okay, chill, take a few deep breaths. Yes, thats right. Breathe.

Now don’t panic, don’t wet yourself with excitement, I’m just doing a little housekeeping/dusting here, working on the website and such. As to WHY I’m working on the website, well… a few reasons actually.

First is that seeing that people still come here and are still so anticipating the return of Shifters touches me, really it does, so I figure, if I’m not releasing the pages, I should at least do something. This format lets me do a little more sort of art blogging and updating you people on progress behind the scenes. I kind of realize that it helps to have SOME sort of idea of what’s going on, even if you aren’t seeing pages that I’m alive and the site isn’t completely dead. Even if you aren’t getting what you want exactly, seeing progress is still gives more hope than a parked website with no updates for like 2 years.

In addition to posting sketches and such, I’ll be pointing out some of the new features of the site as I get them added. I’ve just added a gallery, for example and I’m still populating it.  I also have some other stuff to add as well as creating a new section for what the Shifters world was originally intended for… roleplaying.

That’s right kiddies, the world of Shifters was originally a roleplaying environment that I was working on based on some of my favorite things. Cyberpunk, magic, werewolfs, vampires, conspiracies, dark futures, etc, with its whole rich mythology and city. I’m still working on aspects of it, but this lets me post stuff about the world that might not be readily avaliable apparent in the comic, but also stuff that’s been developing over time from the RP in the forums and stuff I’ve done tabletop with my group over the years. I originally had my own system for Shifters, but I might adapt it to D20, or GURPS, or a few different templates depending on demand. I sort of had dreams of one day sticking it all in a dead tree format book for the die hard tabletop gamers such as myself. Something truly awesome about getting together with friends and rolling dice, raiding corp head quarters, and blowing shit up.

SO, this website will live, and it will be the only one with siginficant updates, so if you have the old keenspace/comicgen site in your bookmarks, replace it with this site.  If you are vigilant and attentive, you may even get to see sneak previews of the new pages. I have a Ustream channel and I have used it to show people sneak peeks of the new pages, but people have to show up and ask. I’m also working on a new supporter site, that a few select hardcore fans are testing at the moment, when I’m satisfied the bugs are worked out, I’ll tell you folks more.

For now, you can comment on the blog, but if you really want to interact and engage, please use the forums.

9 thoughts on “AH! What happened to this page??

  1. Huzzah for RSS feeds 🙂
    Good to hear & see you’re still around.

  2. Good to hear you’re getting things geared up for the return.

    Also, if you’re still shopping around for tabletop RPG systems for Shifters, may I make a suggestion? A buddy of mine is the same type of die hard tabletop gamer you mentioned, and he and a friend of his started up their own system. Take a look if you want, and see if it fits what you’re looking for. I unfortunately don’t game as much as I used to, but I’ve tried this system out, and I think you’ll like it.

    Their website is

  3. Aargh, I figured I got that tag wrong. The website is http://www.silvergryphongames.com/

  4. yea some activity, im glad ppl are sticking around cuz i am. i love the entire set up, i even thought the previous version was good too but redux takes it into a more anime-style setting where i can actually see myself watching it on tv week after week lol

  5. Ah, a sign of live at last. And a good one by that 😉

    Love to hear you are still with us and our hopes are not in vain. I’m waiting with anticipation for all the geeky roleplaying stuff as well as any comic update we will eventually get.

    Thanks for giving us what we were waiting for and be well

  6. I knew visiting occasionally was worth it!

    Now I just have to come back more often… >.>

  7. Holy hell! I thought me and Google Bot were the only locals anymore.

  8. nah, i have been visiting this site for a while, i want shifters redux. im addicted lol

  9. weeeee! its back, in black.

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