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To continue posting some thoughtful material while you are waiting for the release of the new pages, and because its fun to talk about the stuff that inspires the material you so long for, I thought today I might talk a little bit about music and invite you to participate near the end. If you are game, continue to read on.

Shifters is a world of the future, as much as it might have not seemed it in the past, it really is. The original concept was to set it in a ‘cyberpunk’ future, and the Redux really is going to push that concept. The type of music that inspires the mood of the Shifters universe is the sort of music that has that futuristic edge. Techno, House, progressive, trance, industrial rock, and some various remixes and mashups that in particular have the ‘feel’ I’m going for. There are several anime title songs that have the right sort of edge, typically from anime which have the same kind of genre. When I’m working on Shifters, this is the sort of music I load up on my iTunes playlist.

A sample of this is something like this:

This would be Sharam – Be the Change

Another song that always bring’s Shifters to my head is one of the songs from the anime Bubblegum Crisis 2040, the opening song Y’know.

This one is a wicked tune, and the words themselves resound to many concepts I have in my head for Shifters. I avidly listen to this one, particularly creative remixes of it. This is Ernesto vs Bastian – The Darkside of the Moon

Of course, this all factored in when I got a chance to actually work with a mucisian to some mutual benefit to create an actual Shifters theme song. Yes, you heard me, Shifters does have an actual theme song and its awesome. The score is original, created and performed by D. John Hitchcock, who is a part of the band Cyrios. If you are wondering who did their awesome logo, that would be me. 🙂 You can also check out their facebook page.

The track is called “New Moon” and is completely unrelated to the sparkly vampire drivel by she who shall not be named. It was out there before they released that tripe on the world as a movie. Sadly I can’t imbed this one, BUT you can listen to it on his myspace page. And yes, that is REAL guitar in there. He plays that shit. Awesomeness, no? If you enjoy it, you should drop him a line and tell him how much he rocks.

Eventually I’d like to produce a short music video to go with the music, BUT sadly my animation skills are kinda lame, so it will take a while for me to do something animated, but we’ll see what else I can come up with.

So here is where you guys get to participate. Post a comment here or in the forums about what song YOU think speaks/feels most about Shifters to you. I would like to put together a playlist of shifters songs, not just the ones I feel speak about Shifters, but also that YOU, the fans, think speaks about it.

Once I collect all the feedback, I will create a list as best I can on and imbed it here so people can listen to all the Shifters music. 🙂 If you are already on, my profile is here.

Oh, and a by the by, if you’d like your comments to show up immediately the best way is to register for an account. I have enabled registrations on the blog, so if you want to register for an account here you can.

12 thoughts on “Shifters Music – Inspiring Mood

  1. For some reason alot of Linkin park songs sound like shifters, especially “somewhere i belong” showing farrah’s feelings about being a “hated monster”

  2. Or better yet “crawling” by the same group, lol

  3. Possibly “Ash Like Snow” from Gundam 00.

  4. Oh the artist is The Brilliant Green.

  5. SR-71 – Tomorrow

    Can’t quite explain it, but i simply make the scenes from shifters line up with the lyrics in this sing

  6. we stand alone- covenant

    vnv nation- epicentre

    i’ll post more when I think of some more music that fits with your fantastic comic. I am a huge fan of industrial and ebm… and cyberpunk/cybergoth type stuff. Also have been a fan of your comic since I was in middle school and now I am a college student.

  7. I rather link Korn to this, especially the songs that they did for Queen of the Damned, such as Forsaken and Redeemer. But that may be grittier than you are going for.

  8. q factory thermenal judgment fore some reason i think of shifters when i hear it

  9. hmmm i def agree with u on the korn choices

  10. personaly
    Running up that hill by placebo
    is one i feel would be perfect for this or

    Thoughtless by Korn
    is another but there is one more

    Diary of Jane by breaking Benjamin

    those are the three I suggest

  11. do you have any advice for those who want to create a comic

    1. A ton really. 🙂 Its best to ask me specific questions, since I’ve got so much advice its hard to know where to start. I also have a blog at with many articles on webcomic stuff. If you have anything specific you want to know, please, ask directly by email (shadowsmyst at gmail dot com) or on the forums.

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