Chapter 1 Pg 19

Is this comic dead?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about that.

No its not dead. Let me make that very clear. I am WORKING on it, I’m just not releasing pages yet. I will begin releasing new pages when I’ve got a buffer I’m comfortable with. I’m working on the site right now, and you will see it morph and change. Don’t blow your wad tho just yet about it coming back. Trust me that you will know when I start releasing new pages, I will make quite a stink about it.

Although this WILL be the only site that updates with new content for now. I probably will not be updating the old comicgenesis site. Its too much of a pain in the ass. So make sure you book mark it.

You can sign up for the RSS feed on this site to get streaming updates. I also will be posting information via twitter.

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